Commence operation freakout.

I just flew into the town where my medical school interview is at….and they don’t have a chipotle.

Idk if I can go here.


I was really hungry while studying the other day and kept reading carnitine translocase as carnitas translocator….


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How did you manage working long hours and going to school? I’m planning to work part-time, take two courses & study for the mcat… And I might be volunteering as well. I feel like I’m gonna burn out lol

Oh jeez, I never replied to this. I am SO SORRY, I was going through my blog and literally just saw this (from forever ago). I promise I wasn’t ignoring you!

I managed…but I wouldn’t say I managed it spectacularly. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible, but now that I look back on it there certainly would have been things I would’ve done differently.

Balancing work+school+MCAt+volunteering takes a lot of organization, exceptional time management skills, and the ability to trim out things that aren’t your priorities. But you have to make priorities when you’re going to have a busy school year/semester. It honestly does sound like you might have a lot on your plate, and burning out is a possibility. But, you should try and prioritize things. Grades are still important, even with good ECs, so make sure school performance isn’t suffering too much from anything extra. If you have to study or do an assignment, don’t skip out on that in order to volunteer, for example. Make sure your employer knows that you have a busy schedule and ask them to be understanding with work scheduling.

Making a personal schedule/calendar is important too. Always know ahead of time when assignments or tests or coming up, so you can plan everything else around that. Something I would try to do when volunteering (and I didn’t do a huge amount of it) was to schedule volunteer hours in between classes when I had a few hours in between and I knew I wouldn’t be doing anything productive. Having a personal calendar should also help you schedule time to study for MCAT. When are you taking your MCAT? Just make sure you have given yourself enough preparation for your MCAT. I would rather take my MCAT later in the year than walk into it unprepared. Again, just my opinion but you should take that in consideration when prepping for the MCAT. Some people take it during the school year and do well, but a lot of people I know who take it mid-semester don’t perform as well as they wanted to. I would suggest taking it sometime in the summer that way you have adequate time to prepare. That is just my opinion, though. I did it that way because I knew with everything on my plate that I wouldn’t be giving myself any advantages by taking it when I wasn’t prepared enough. I actually pushed back my MCAT date by two months and I don’t regret it at all because I know I wouldn’t have performed as well.

In short, a combination of organizational prowess, time management, and determination will help you through busy and stressful semesters like this. Making a schedule will help keep you on track, but also don’t forget to give yourself some time to have fun or relax! It doesn’t get any easier in the post-undergrad life, and you’ll want to cherish your free time while you have it. Making sure to keep up with friends, being social, and overall having some amount of fun will help you a lot with burn out, I promise. Also don’t forget the end goal, and keep reminding yourself of that every time you are stressed out or having self doubts.

I hope this helps!  

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Do you guys have a note service?

Not really a note service, but our power points are posted online. So it’s easy to go back to the actual lectures, but sometimes hard to keep up with what they say that’s not on the powerpoint.

We have a different lecturer today because we’re starting a new topic in biochemistry and holy shit he is going so fast.

The lecture is supposed to be two hours and he’s 75% done and it’s only been 30 minutes. 

On the one hand, I get to go home earlier and sleep…
On the other hand: Holy shit how am I supposed to keep up in class

I am completely okay with the fact that I just ordered a life time supply of pizza…which I plan to eat tonight.

A little put down because I didn’t do as well on this biochem exam as I wanted to. I walked in feeling prepared, but then had test questions on material that I didn’t encounter in the lecture or were worded extremely different from what I studied.

I just have to remind myself that my grades do not reflect me as a person, nor will one grade on one test ruin my acceptance into medical school.

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QuestionHello! I had an odd question. I'm a member of the LGBT community..I was wondering what your experience of this population being represented in med school/medical field. I'm going around medblrs to get a sense of how things are. Thanks! Answer

Well, as a member of the LGBT community myself, I can probably give some first hand opinions on this question.

Like most fields, the LGBT community is a minority in medicine, medical school, and the medical field in general. But, I’m not sure whether they are underrepresented or just rather just a minority because we’re already such a small population in comparison to people who don’t identify as LGBT.

I do know LGBT people, however, in every field of medicine. I know doctors, nurses, paramedics, techs, and more who identify as LGBT. I think that also the representation of LGBT in medicine also varies geographically, especially in professional/medical school. I have no research to back this up, but it would be a reasonable assumption that there would be a higher representation in more liberal states (think west coast and the north east) than where I live in the south. So, I guess, yes the LGBT population is represented to an extent in the medical field, but I think that rather than being an underrepresented minority, we’re a minority simply because of our population size to begin with.

"vaccinate your fucking kids"
— holy shit do you know what year it is (via callmeoutis)