I haven’t gone shopping in two weeks and I am now surviving off cheerios (without milk) and my dwindling supplies of lean pockets.

Send help.

I once survive on a sack of potatoes for two weeks so wanna trade?

Uh hell yes. You can make so many things with the amazingness of potatoes.

  • Mashed potatoes
  • Baked potatoes
  • French fries
  • Potato soup
  • Potato skins
  • Potato salad

I will totally trade you lean pockets for potatoes 

I haven’t gone shopping in two weeks and I am now surviving off cheerios (without milk) and my dwindling supplies of lean pockets.

Send help.

I also just got a phone call which I thought was the school.
Was it? No, it was a telemarketing call on my credit card interest rates…..

I thought I got the email on my admissions decision and it turned out to be junk mail on erectile dysfunction…

Talk about anticlimactic


Patient: I got Sometimers disease.

Wayfaring: What’s that now?


Patient: Cuz I forget stuff sometimes so I’ve got Sometimers, not Allthetimers. 


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Questionhow does one get rid of a UTI? Answer

By seeing a physician!

(Seriously, though. While I have a good amount of clinical experience, that doesn’t take the place of an in person visit with a licensed clinician). 

Your physician will most likely choose to put you on an antibiotic such as Bactrim, Macrobid, or a few other ones depending on whether you actually have a UTI, how severe it is, and possibly the results of a urine culture. 

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

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QuestionHi Im new here! all the best for your med school application! But if you're not a med student/ doctor already, what are you studying and how did you manage to work in the ER? also, are you a boy or a girl?:P Answer

Hey there! 
I’m currently doing a post-bacc in medical sciences. Basically, I’m doing the first year of medical school (or so I’m told) and earning a Master’s degree in the process.

Before I went to graduate school, I worked in an ER during undergrad. Now that I’m in graduate school, the physician group allows me to return to the ER as a student when I have free time!

And I’m a guy! 


The other day while on the floor of the pediatric unit, I was talking to the floor manager about a patient and she handed me a sheet of paper. The sheet of paper was a pathology report for a teenager. With advanced medullary thyroid carcinoma.

I started to really get philosophical because there I was holding one piece of paper that was about to change the life of a kid and her loved ones forever.

It showed me that sometimes something we don’t really think about like a piece of paper can begin one of the most difficult things that anyone can go through. The weight of that piece of paper became more than I could hold and I had to give it back.

And that’s how I know I’m following the right path. I understand the importance of what we do and do not take it lightly.

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As of right now, my admission decision has been made. I just don’t know about it yet…

Apparently,admissions makes  the decisions every Tuesday and then let you know in 7-10 days. WHICH IS INCREDIBLY NERVE WRACKING.


I’m really excited to have the potential to go to this school because it feels like the perfect fit for me. 

I hope the feeling is mutual


I feel like this post is 100% accurate to my feelings right now, especially because it is concerning the exact same school.

Tomorrow is the day I might find out, per the admissions committee!!!!!