"You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave."
— Ways in which Hotel California relates
to my relationship with the library.






QuestionWhat is your Hogwarts houusseee??? (And now I want all the medblrs to sort themselves so I can make a masterpost because procrastinating go!) Answer


When I was younger, I would’ve told you Ravenclaw, no question. But now I’m not so sure so I did five (for science!) quizzes to see where I sorted. 3/5 said GRYFFINDOR!

My official pottermore sorting is Gryffindor! 

Md-A and I are members of the cool kids club AKA Gryffindor.

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QuestionI have emetophobia and it's the only thing stopping me from pursuing medicine. I'm not getting over it any time soon but I don't want an irrational fear preventing me from following my dream. How often to you have to deal with vomit in the ED? Answer

I’m going to be honest with you. A lot. 

There is usually at least one patient in the ER actively vomiting at any given moment, if not more. Emetophobia is a difficult issue to have and pursue medicine, at least emergency medicine, in my opinion. There might be other areas of medicine where you would see less vomiting, but even then I don’t think it’s going to be something you can avoid altogether.

I agree though, you shouldn’t let your fear prevent you from following your dream. We all have hurdles to overcome, and this very well may be your personal hurdle. I had a close friend who had the same issue, and slowly but surely she overcame it through exposure therapy. She still is uncomfortable with vomit, but she does not have the phobia or horrible fear and aversion she once had. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re dedicated about pursuing medicine it may be something you want to look into, or seeing a psychologist in general to help you with your phobia. 

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QuestionHow do I go about volunteering at my local hospital? Who should I contact? Do I need any prior experience? Answer

Most hospitals have volunteer departments! I would look online and see if they have applications or a phone number to call. 

Depending on what you’re trying to do as a volunteer, you shouldn’t need experience. In fact, volunteering is a great way to start getting involved in healthcare!

  • Parent running up to the triage desk: my kids in the car, and he's not breathing well...
  • Triage nurse: well bring him in quickly, do you need help?
  • Parent: Well, we don't want to bring him in, last time he almost got admitted
  • Triage nurse: He needs to come inside so we can treat him....
  • 20 minutes later: Mom brings kid in. Triage nurse runs him into a room. I'm the first one to see them
  • *Kid looks like crap. Severe respiratory distress, accessory muscle use, cyanotic lips, severe stridor*
  • Mom: He gets croup all the time, we didn't want to bring him in because we thought he might need to get admitted and we're from out of town....
  • Me: ...
  • Nurse: ...
  • Luckily after some racemic epi and an hour later the kid looks 100% better.



What sound does your heart make the moment you fall in love?

Get TFIOS on Digital HD here.

Y’all need to get that ECG checked out.

At the very least those are some pathological q waves. 

And what’s up with that third beat?! I don’t even know how to describe that…

  • Forgot to set my alarm this morning - missed biochemistry
  • Was on my way to a meeting for school today which I thought was in downtown at a restaurant…
  • I have never been downtown before
  • I drove into a neighborhood I was unfamiliar with…and right into a speed trap
  • 17 miles over the speed limit…
  • Didn’t have my insurance card on me…that’s another ticket
  • On my way to the restaurant, after getting the tickets, I get an email that was sent to me two hours before saying the location has changed to the med school…for some reason it didn’t get delivered the first time
  • Get to the med school, the meeting is already over.
  • Go find my insurance card and go to take care of my ticket(s)
  • Now I get to do defensive driving!

I. am. so. over. today.


Just. Don’t.

All boys are evil.



Number of ER staff members who have told me this week that they’ve seen me more than any other resident since July 1st: 4.

Looks like ermedicine isn’t the only black cloud medblr anymore. 

Met with my program director the other day who informed me that “black clouds do not actually exist in medicine” and that “some people simply have inexplicably exceptional rotations”. 

…And, most importantly, he denied my request to let this also count as my ER rotation.

Black clouds do exist!
He’s just probably one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been cursed with one!